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Serving Portland, Oregon & its Metro Area. Royal Works Lawn Care understand the areas surrounding your business or property are more than just lawns; they are gathering places for employees, families and friends, a “welcome home” for residents, and an opportunity to make a lasting first impression. We can help you accomplish this!

Studies have shown that a well maintained and landscaped yard can increase a homes value anywhere from 5 to 20% in value. When it comes to the value of a home the initial "Curb Appeal" can make a big difference. This becomes even more true in a competitive market or  subdivisions where homes look similar. Many studies have shown that lawn care & landscaping offers a ROI(Return of Investment) of 150%. This is much larger than nearly any home improvement project you can take on. 


Bed Maintenance

Clean Up & Debris Removal

Lawn Care Services

Sod Maintenance
Mulch Maintenance
Weed Insect Control
Material Installation

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Enjoy The Best Looking Yard In The Neighborhood!

Is Your Yard Out Of Control?

Once your yard gets to a certain point it can feel as if there is no going back. Let us get your yard back to manageable lengths. A maintained yard will be much healthier and greener once water & sunlight is evenly distributed. After the initial clean-up process, the next step is to fertilize, and trim shrubs, and surrounding trees. Branches that can be touched from arm's length should be removed as they can deflect sunlight off areas of your lawn causing it to be patching and yellow. 

Before Clean Up

Portland Lawn Care Before & After Clean up  

After Clean Up

Portland Lawn Care Before & After Clean up  

We Take Pride In Our Work

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In every aspect.....every job....we pay attention to detail.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed  

You take no risk whatsoever with Royal Works Lawn Care. We are proud to serve Portland & its surrounding cities. We want you to be fully satisfied with our service. If you're not, simply let us know and we'll make it right. WE GUARANTEE IT! 

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