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Portland Lawn Care - Yard Clean Up & Debris Removal

Portland Lawn Clean Up

Portland is known for its luscious green landscapes. While nature is certainly beautiful it can create a pain for someone owning a home. Trees constantly drop leaves, cones, and seed year around all over your lawn and driveway. If flower beds, walk ways, and fence lines get behind weeds can grow large and prominent. Often when weeds get large and over grown they will steal the sun light from the grass underneath causing it to become unhealthy putting your lawn seasons behind.

We start with an initial lawn clean up to get the yard back to manageable features. Often over grown & unmanaged lawns can take a full day to cut and reshape. Once a lawn is back to proper shape the costs for cutting and maintaining a lawn is much more affordable.

Portland Fall & Winter Clean Up

We remove leaves from your yard every fourteen (14) days during the fall and winter until trees have dropped all foliage. Special attention shall be made to ensure leaves are also removed prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Leaves shall be removed from the property and discarded in an off-site landfill.


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